What’s new in Customer Success – Tuesday, July 5th

Hi and welcome to our roundup about what’s new in Customer Success. We scour the web for the best and brightest, so that you don’t have to! Below, are the top articles from companies, pontificators, and vendors. Enjoy!

– Jeff Nickerson, Roundup Curator at Sparked
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From the companies and pontificators:

Welcome to the Success Economy – Enter the Age of the Subscriber
We’ve entered a new age and the idea of customer success has now gone main-stream. Check out this article by “Success Hacker” Todd Eby, where he shares his thoughts on the new Success Economy. Love it.

Lessons Learned by Fortune 500 Enterprises who Have Suffered High Customer Attrition Rate
Mark Silver is the Lead Author and Editor of SuccessFULL. Here he illustrates how companies can learn from the mistakes made by the largest companies to rebound from large amounts of customer churn. Read it.

11 Loyalty-Driving Tactics for Better B2B Customer Retention
Dan is currently the VP of Business Development at Tenfold. He brings us 11 great tactics that we should all be using to better engage and retain our customers. Read it.

How machine learning can impact subscription service offerings
Here’s an interview with Matt Fleckenstein, SVP Products and Marketing at Amplero. Does your company care about machine learning yet? Read this piece and you will understand why machine learning is not just important, it’s critical in driving long-term customer lifetime value. Love it.

Insights from Analyzing 1.5 Billion Push Notifications
What happens when you analyze over a billion push notifications? Check out how and why Leanplum collected this data, and more importantly what you can learn from it. Read it.


From the Customer Success vendors:

What Does “Customer Success” Mean For SaaS Startups?
Track.io gives us a solid write up here explaining why Customer Success is the recurring revenue businesses answer to churn. We especially like the section on Success Metrics. Read it.

The Future of Apps Is Apps With Analytics
From the Amplitude blog, Aditya Vempaty takes a forward look at mobile apps and discusses why analytics will ultimately be the game changer. Not soley for the customer, but also to assist companies in refining their offerings for better adoption. Read it.


From us at Sparked:

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