What’s new in Customer Success – Friday, September 16th

Hi and welcome to our roundup about what’s new in Customer Success. We scour the web for the best and brightest, so that you don’t have to! Below, are the top articles from companies, pontificators, and vendors. Enjoy!

– Jeff Nickerson, Roundup Curator at Sparked
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From the companies and pontificators:

Customer Success Is Proving That The Customer Made The Right Decision To Do Business With You
Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, keynote speaker and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. In this article and interview with Nils Vinje of Glide Consulting he explains how sales, customer service, and customer success teams can sometimes be at odds with one another. Read it.

Why Most Customer Feedback Analysis Tools Suck & How to Fix This
Many Customer Experience professionals are now turning to Natural Language Processing to assist with the review of customer comments and feedback. In this article by Alyona Medelyan she discusses what we can realistically expect from NLP when it comes to making sense of customer feedback. We liked the section on how NLP Can Turn Chatter into Actionable Insight. Love it.

5 Important Aspects for Improving Customer Experience
Although this is a bit of an overly simplified view, there are some really good ideas in this article by Annabelle Smyth. The theme here is to remember that you are not simply attempting to outshine your competitors. Read it.

How To Invent The Future Of Customer Success
This is one of the most interesting articles we’ve read in a while. Customer Success and B2B Consultant Andrew Rhodes writes this piece on what he thinks Customer Success may look like 25 years from now. Surprisingly, even in the future it’s still customers who ultimately make a business successful. Read it.

4 Lessons Every Business Can Learn from Apple’s Approach to Support
Can your business keep up with the Apple’s commitment to Customer Experience? If you’re going to attempt it, and you should, you will need a sustainable system that empowers your team to provide the best services possible. There are some really great tips in this article for CustomerThink by Nate Skinner. Love it.


From the Customer Success & Analytics vendors:

14 SaaS Companies Reveal Their Customer Success Process
Benjamin Brandall from process.st talked to 14 SaaS companies about what their Customer Success teams do, and what their processes look like. Very well written article here, with a valuable tips from each company on what they’ve learned along the way. Love it.

Tinder and the Dating App Retention Paradox
From Aditya Vempaty we found this interesting article that explains how understanding your retention is more complex than just tracking your active users across the days, weeks, and months that they are using your app. We assume that all churn is bad, that your most valuable users are active on a daily basis, but that is a dangerous way to think when it gets in the way of actually delivering value to your users. In the case of Tinder, retention actually has a lot to do with how well users churn. Read it.

How to Make Your Customers the Center of Your Company
Allison Picken – VP of Customer Success at Gainsight gives a quick recap of a discussion with 30 of their customers. There was only one topic – How would you define Customer Success? In this post she shares how her own customer success team holds other departments within the company accountable for their role in helping customers. Love it.

How to Retain Your Customer’s Attention Throughout the Onboarding Process
Shayla Price from the Kissmetrics blog writes this post which gives 4 valuable tips on how to properly execute most precious phase in the conversion process. Their mantra… Retain customer attention – Onboard with purpose. This sounds right to us! Love it.

18 Inexpensive Customer Delight Ideas Worth Trying to Fuel Business Growth
Looking for ways to dazzle and delight your customers? Sellbrite offers 18 inexpensive ways you can engage with your customers to do just that. Some of these seem obvious, but maybe not to all. We especially liked #9. Read it.


From us at Sparked:

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