Sparked Customer Fitness Feed – 4/5/16

The Sparked Customer Fitness Feed delivers *AWESOME* articles from around the Web to help customer success teams build a more fit customer base. Fit customers login more, spend more, and love your product more. Unfit customers don’t use your product and eventually churn out (gasp!). Let’s get’em fit.


Customer Success Team Planning & Cost Benchmarks

As most Customer Success leaders tend to be much more operations-focused as opposed to accounting-focused, it’s the right question to be asking. Well, we heard you loud and clear! At our recent Chief Customer Officer Summit, I asked a series of survey questions in order to capture these important Customer Success Cost benchmarks. View the full article

How The Business With The Best Customer Focus Always Wins

It doesn’t matter whether you have a shop, a restaurant, or a bank. Without customers, your business doesn’t exist. And thanks to the ease and connectivity of social media and online review sites, your customers hold more and more of the cards. In the Age of the Customer, the business with the best customer experience is the one that is most likely to win. View the full article

This is the difference between statistics and data science

Director of Data Scientist at Twitch talks about the intersection of marketing, product, data science, and stats. Great background for the Customer Success leader. View the full article

Doing Data Science Right — Your Most Common Questions Answered

Instacart VP of Data Science and former LinkedIn data leader have an engaging discussion about using data science to build better products. View the full article

Customer Experience and a Framework for Quality

“The cost of quality is the expense of doing things wrong.” That’s a quote that may sound like a blast from the past but it’s just as relevant today, if not more so, when thinking about quality and the quickly evolving definition of customer experience. View the full article

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