What’s new in Customer Success – Thursday, April 21

Hi and welcome to our weekly roundup about what’s new in Customer Success. Each week, we scour the web for the best and brightest, so that you don’t have to! Below, are the top articles from companies, pontificators, and all the vendors.

– Jeff Nickerson, Roundup Curator at Sparked 

From the companies and pontificators:

5 customer-centric metrics to implement today
Joel Elkind, Head of Customer Success at Custora, shares five Key Performance Indicators that you should be measuring if you want to put customers at the center of your decision-making. Read it.

Using Data to Drive Sales and Marketing Results
Eric Estrella, Senior Consultant at Sales Benchmark Index, explains that you need to understand the revenue potential by account, product, and buyer. Because when you have incomplete information, resources are not allocated correctly and performance falls short. Read it.

9 Vital Customer Analytics Every Manager Should Know
Bernard Marr from Forbes writes about how customer analytics are vital for assessing how well your business acquires, retains, satisfies, and engages their customers effectively. Love it.
We Want You Back – How To Prove It To Your Customers
COO of CustomerBliss, Jeanne Bliss, gives us some great examples of what to do when the inevitable happens, and you have suffered a failure that causes the disappointment of your customers. Check out these tips and if you ever need to show your customers that you want them back. Read it.
The Role of Text Analytics in Managing Customer Loyalty and Churn
The CTO of Attensity, Mark Schmelzenbach, discusses how new rules for assessing customer loyalty, value, and churn require more data from the customer journey. Love it.

From the vendors:

The Secret To Unleashing Data-Driven Creativity
From The Amplitude blog we found this great article on finding the one metric that matters most for your team to focus it’s efforts. On finding your OMTM. Love it.
The Causes of SaaS Churn and How to Prevent It
John Rode of Ptero shares this great infographic showing how the seeds of SAAS churn are planted early and deep. Read it.

You’re the New VP of Customer Success. Now What?
From Gainsight – Dan Steinman, Chief Customer Officer gives you some tips if you’ve just landed that new gig as VP of Customer Success. Read it.
Totango Summit: 5 Heads of ‘Customer Success’ Share Lessons Learned
Megan Headly, who is the research director at TrustRadius attended the Totango Customer Success Summit and interviewed several leaders in Customer Success about the trends and changes they’ve observed. Read it. 
25 Tools to Integrate Customer Success into Your Business
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré from Segment.com brings us an awesomely comprehensive list of high-level tools for running your Customer Success efforts. Love it.

From us at Sparked:

How Fitbit is *rocking* Customer Success
This is the last in our series about Fitbit and Customer Success. In addition to providing fertile ground for making analogies, as a business, Fitbit is doing a phenomenal job at Customer Success. In this last video we look at Fitbit as a case study. Love love it.


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