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Learn how to retain your best customers… and find more like them.

Sparked provides a comprehensive solution to help you keep your best customers…and find more like them. Uniquely, we layer data science and machine learning consulting services on top of a cloud-based product. As a result, you can de-risk the investment in lifecycle optimization. In other words, you can start small before you go big. Whether you’re looking to improve onboarding success, revenue per customer, long-term retention, or even to tweak your digital marketing tactics to acquire higher value customers, we can help you get there.

With Sparked, you will build the following capabilities:

  1. Automated data pipeline
  2. Single view of the customer
  3. Customer segmentation
  4. Customer health scores
  5. Machine learning / modeling
  6. Data visualization
  7. Customer success
  8. Insight driven actions

Take a quick video tour of key features here: Sparked video guide

with Sparked you will:

Automate your data pipeline

Bring summarized product usage, payments, marketing, and customer service data together in one place in near real time. Automating your data pipeline is the first critical step to unlocking the secrets that your data holds. If you’ve been struggling to automate for a while or if you’re still using Excel to run reports, we can get you there fast.

Build a 360° single customer view

The single view of the customer is the end result of your pipeline automation. It’s the foundation for understanding the interlocking factors that drive recurring payments, up-sells, pricing, and even marketing effectiveness.

Use machine learning to boost revenue

With your single customer views in place, we're ready to run state-of-the-art machine learning models for a variety of purposes from pricing optimization to predicting churn. Our machine learning pipeline continually analyzes your data, which allows the models to get smarter...and smarter. Sparked comes with a number of built-in models and we can also build models to suit. Examples include:

  1. Churn prediction
  2. Churn "reasons"
  3. Pricing optimization
  4. Customer lifetime value
  5. Survival analysis
  6. Content valuation
  7. Non-payer prediction
  8. Unsupervised clustering
  9. Revenue forecasting
  10. Content production efficiency

Understand customer health and CLV

Know who’s going to leave before they do...and why. Using predictive modeling techniques, Sparked assigns a risk-of-churn score (health score) to each customer and tells you which factors contributed to the score. For example, you'll learn if one marketing channel delivers better customers than another or if the new feature you launched has made an impact on revenue.

Create dynamic customer segments

Using our much-loved segmentation tool, you'll be able to create meaningful schemas that enable you to offer differentiated pricing, marketing, and product. You can also use the tool simply to explore your customer base. Segmentation schemas that you might pursue include:

  • Value: how much a customer pays
  • Behavioral: actions taken by a customer
  • Propensity: to churn, to purchase again, to upgrade
  • Value at risk: propensity to churn combined with value
  • Socio-demographic: gender, age, etc
  • Life phase: young singles, young families, growing families, retired
  • Size: size of account
  • Industry: company industry
  • Geography: company location
  • Business life stage: seed, startup, growth, expansion, mature

  • Evaluate customer success tactics

    Use our customer success tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your success "plays." Are your plays working on a day to day basis? Are they driving customer value and retention in the long-term? You'll know the answers. And you'll meet success objectives like:

    1. Boosting daily activity
    2. Improving on-boarding completion
    3. Discovering and driving your “magic metric”
    4. Delivering more value to customers
    5. Reducing churn

    Quarterback customer interactions

    Use Sparked to serve the right email, notification, or even product feature to the right customer at the right time. Sparked gives you the feedback loop you need to know if you're serving the next best action.

    View key performance indicators

    What tool would be complete without beautiful data visualizations and dashboards that allow you to check into your key stats every day... and to send your success reports off to your boss. Sparked's data visualizations give you what you need.

    Have a pro data-science team at your service

    Sparked's professional services team can help you get there. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies – ranging from scrappy start-ups to large enterprises. We’ve seen data flowing in every possible configuration, from fully operationalized streamlined sources to flat files sitting on an old server. No matter the current state, we can help get you from where you are today to fully operational, where your customer data is providing the insights you need to better run your business.

    Problem solved

    Give us a ring to see how we can help you optimize your customer lifecycle - and get your customer data in shape in the process. Send email to or contact us here.


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