What’s new in Customer Success – Thursday, June 23rd

Hi and welcome to our roundup about what’s new in Customer Success. We scour the web for the best and brightest, so that you don’t have to! Below, are the top articles from companies, pontificators, and vendors.

– Jeff Nickerson, Roundup Curator at Sparked
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From the Companies and Pontificators:

Six Reasons Why Every SaaS Vendor Needs a Customer Success Management Strategy
In this article Jason Whitehead covers six trends that lead to churn – with a focus on successful on-boarding and adoption. Love it.

Retention Hacking > Growth Hacking
Nikos Sarilakis from TwinPrime aims to coin the newest hot phrase: Retention Hacking. Not quite as catchy as Growth Hacking, but his argument is solid. Read it.

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Ready For Customer Success… Yet
B2B/Tech marketing pro Pam McBride shares seven blockers to getting started with a Customer Success initiative. Read it.

The Only Two Reasons Customers Churn
Charts, diagrams, and pontification, oh my. Customer Success pro, Lincoln Murphy, is at it again with a breakdown of the process of churn. Read it.

Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience
Amit Sharma, founder and CEO of Narvar breaks down why the “buy button isn’t an end point, it’s really just the beginning of a new relationship.” Totes. Love it.

How Data Scientists Extract Value from Data
Bob Hayes from Customer Think offers a nice infographic showing how Data Scientists extract value from customer data. See it.

7 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Customer Loyalty
Jessica Mizerak is the Marketing Manager at Antavo. In this article she covers the ways you can engage with your customers in real ways. Mostly fluff. But good point about daily routines at the end. Read it.

From the Customer Success vendors:

The ROI of Customer Success
Allison Pickens – VP Customer Success & Business Ops from Gainsight writes this thoughtful article about how to think about ROI for your Customer Success efforts. Read it.

Top Customer Success Takeaways from Gainsight Pulse 2016 and TSW San Diego
TSIA blogger, Phil Nanus, covers his favorite takeaways from Pulse conference. Read it.


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