Entrepreneur.com: How 9 Successful Companies Keep Their Customers

I recently wrote an article featuring retention tips from nine B2B companies that know how to keep their customers, where any company, big or small, B2B or B2C will find applicable tactics, strategies, and customer-focused mindsets.

See the article on Entrepreneur.com:

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Losing a customer often seems personal, not just a statistic. But in terms of business success, startups now more than ever need to show not only that they can attract customers but that they can keep them. Increasingly, investors look at customer retention to determine whether an entrepreneur’s product or service will ultimately succeed in the marketplace.

There are many examples of successful companies that have innovated to ensure that their customers have a great experience, receive value and stay loyal. So I reached out to colleagues, friends and fellow entrepreneurs who have been particularly impressive at building ongoing relationships with customers. I asked them to share tips that have driven their success.

Their resulting insights about 9 companies provide a wealth of best practices for any entrepreneur looking to establish a growing and loyal customer base:

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Joseph Pigato

Joseph Pigato is the Chief Marketing Officer of Sparked. Joseph has co-founded and served as CEO of several b2b and b2c web startups in San Francisco and Asia. He has worked with clients like Google, LinkedIn, Sony, Symantec, HP, Toyota, Qantas, Cisco, and others. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Wharton.
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