About Us

Sparked’s mission is to help companies make amazing products and services.

At Sparked, we’ve developed a sophisticated analytics and action platform that helps companies make amazing products and services. We count Google, Microsoft, Barclays, LinkedIn, Kraft Foods, Koodo Mobile, UnitedHealth Group, SAP, and the U.S. State Department among our many clients. We’re located in San Francisco “startup-land” just down the block from Twitter and around the corner from Uber, Square, Stripe and others.

We could never have done all this without the wise counsel, active contributions, and generous investments from our amazing venture firms and angel investors and advisors. Check out the awesome people who put the spark in Sparked.

Venture Investors

Kapor Capital

Kapor Capital invests in seed and early stage startups whose success in business generates positive social impact. They are particularly interested in new platforms and in the use of information technology to achieve those goals.

True Ventures

True Ventures is the premiere early stage venture capital firm. We invest in the best people who are creating companies in proven high growth sectors of the high tech industry. We provide a trusted, seasoned partner and facilitate a powerful community to help foster growth and innovation.

Angel Investors

Ron Bouganim picture

Ron Bouganim

Managing Director of the Govtech Fund

Stan Chudnovsky picture

Stan Chudnovsky

PayPal’s VP of Growth and Special Ops

James Currier picture

James Currier

Entrepreneur / Investor

Esther Dyson picture

Esther Dyson

Angel Investor / Astronaut

Mark Goines picture

Mark Goines

Investor and Advisor to Startups

Yos Goodman picture

Yos Goodman

Founder at NomadYogi

Alicia Cannon Mullen picture

Alicia Cannon Mullen

Principal, Washing Pond Ventures

Ariel Poler picture

Ariel Poler

Chief Angel at Best of Angel

Alan Webber picture

Alan Webber

Founding Editor at Fast Company

Kendall Riding picture

Kendall Riding

Private Investor at KKM Capital, LLC


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