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Building a customer churn model

Ben: Hi, this is Ben Rigby, CEO of Sparked, here with Cody Chapman, our Lead Data Scientist, and we’re going to talk today about building a customer churn model. Exciting stuff. Cody, we’ve written four phases up on the board here. Phase one is defining churn. What are some of the possibilities?   Cody: First, […]

When daily activity is not a good thing

In our last two minute short, we talked about how you can orient your Customer Success efforts around two key customer-focused objectives: More logins (boosting daily activity) More revenue I mentioned that there were a few edge-case exceptions. Well, a few of you wrote in to ask what those edge cases are, so thought I’d […]

The 2 keys to Customer Success

If you’ve been reading up on Customer Success, you’ve probably seen a number of articles that outline the keys to Customer Success. There are posts about 10-step programs, 12 guiding principles, and even a manifesto. While these approaches aren’t wrong (they’re actually pretty good), they are complex. At Sparked, we don’t think it needs to […]

What does a Customer Success Manager do?

Here’s another one in our 2 minute short series about Customer Success fundamentals. So, what does a Customer Success Manager (or CSM) do? To review the definition of Customer Success, it’s: the business function that ensures customers realize value throughout their journey with your company. Logically given this definition, the Customer Success Manager ensures that […]

What is Customer Success?

Today, we’re going to cover the fundamentals, because we’re seeing a lot of you come to our website with one simple question: What is the definition of Customer Success? Simply: Customer Success is the business function that ensures customers realize value throughout their journey with your company. Of course, if you’re doing a good job […]

How Fitbit is *rocking* Customer Success

This is the last in our series about Fitbit and Customer Success. In the last three videos, we talked about how Fitbit can teach us (almost) everything we need to know about Customer Success and made analogies between personal fitness trackers and Customer Success. This time, we’re going to look at how Fitbit is actually […]

How Fitbit’s step-mechanics apply to Customer Success

In a previous video, we talked about how Fitbit teaches you (almost) everything you need to know about Customer Success. In that video, we talked about the high-level concept of “Customer Fitness.” Beyond the conceptual-level, we can learn a lot about Customer Success from Fitbit’s core mechanic: taking steps. While there are a lot of […]

Why Customer Success is a good idea for hardware companies

How can a hardware company benefit from a Customer Success initiative? In this 2-minute short, we’re going to talk about how a hardware company can benefit from running a Customer Success program. For this one, I’m going to share a personal story. A couple of months ago, I bought an Arlo security camera from Netgear. […]