Want to know who is quitting next?

Identify and retain at-risk customers.

Is Haley about to cancel her account?
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Boost customer retention.

  • What?

    What your customer health is.

  • Why?

    Why customers stay or leave.

  • Who?

    Who might leave next.

Drive the things that matter

  • Retention
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Subscription Length

Turn your customer data into solutions

  • Data Sources

    Customer data streams combine fluidly into our data ingestion funnel.

  • Analysis

    Sophisticated machine learning algorithms discover critical customer behaviors.

  • Results

    Reports pinpoint key churn drivers, unhappy customers, and revenue-at-risk.

  • Actions

    Recommendations guide you on the next best action for every customer and customer cohort.

Get maximum results in minimal time

  • Fast

    Our machines are smart and quick. Brilliant insights in days.

  • Low Risk

    Plug in data to our secure engine, and wait for results. That’s it.

  • Effective

    You’ll make smarter moves by next week. See ROI Jump.

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Why lose customers that you could keep?

Identify “at-risk” customers early, and intervene before they leave.