A versatile cloud-based platform for matching, collaboration, and community.

SparkedCommunity™ helps companies keep their customers by leveraging the power of their existing customer network. It connects customers to each other in vibrant, buzzing communities that provide a highly individualized and tailored experience using the power of machine learning.

In a SparkedCommunity™, a company’s customers engage each other as they post questions, polls, and even requests for trade or services. Sparked’s patent-pending “matching engine” helps to connect the right people to each other.

SparkedCommunity™ Platform…

Vibrant, buzzing communities

Companies white-label SparkedCommunity™ and then invite their customers to interact with each other. The community fosters support for a company and a sense of engagement through participating with the company’s energetic customer base. Companies benefit from more customer ideas and feedback, less call and email support services as customers answer each others’ product questions, as well as overall customer loyalty.

Robust feature set

Every client community is different – striving to serve its community in a unique way. Whatever your needs, we’ve probably got a feature for it. From dashboards, to user and business profiles, to social sharing, to an extensive suite of moderation tools, there is a rich set of building blocks to create your company’s perfect community.

Mobile optimized

Community platforms live where your customers live: on their phones. Our mobile responsive design creates the perfect user experience no matter what device your customers use. A clean, beautiful yet simple interface allows users to quickly find what they need and engage with a few taps on the screen.

Go beyond super fans

The number one thing clients tell us they’re worried about before they engage with Sparked is that a small fraction customers end up dominating the community so they want more widespread participation. Through Sparked’s “matching engine,” we can match people who post content with those likely to respond, and vice versa, based on a number of key factors. This way, we solicit participation not solely from the most active, but also the most relevant.


Why lose customers that you could keep?

Identify “at-risk” customers early, and intervene before they leave.