Deception of NPS

The Net promoter Score system, while useful in a few narrow applications, is not the general purpose tool that some companies claim it to be. Here are a few of the more obvious deceptions that an NPS score might be hiding…

Deception of NPS Sources:
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Joseph Pigato

Joseph Pigato is the Chief Marketing Officer of Sparked. Joseph has co-founded and served as CEO of several b2b and b2c web startups in San Francisco and Asia. He has worked with clients like Google, LinkedIn, Sony, Symantec, HP, Toyota, Qantas, Cisco, and others. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Wharton.
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  1. Stephanie Ginter
    Stephanie Ginter says:

    Great visual! Perceptions are so skewed to be what we want the reality to be – or to rationalize, excuse, or explain. This was a great and simple way to visualize the truth. Good share!


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