Customer Churn Pipeline

The customer journey is fraught with key moments when a customer decides to leave. Typically, they say nothing. And the last indication that a company gets from customers before they go is one of positive sentiment. The Sparked infographic below documents when and why customers leave, but also shows key ways to keep your customers on board and happy. Sparked Killer Churn Infographic 4 Steps to Knowing What Your Customers Want Better Than They Do

Sparked’s mission is to help companies deliver more value to their customers. And that starts with making sure you know your customer as well as possible. Sometimes, that means getting to know them even better than they know themselves. How is that possible? Well, in my latest article on, I explore the methods that leading companies use to learn about their customers – methods that you can apply to your unique case as well.

4 Steps to Knowing What Your Customers Want Better Than They Do

TheNextWeb: How to avoid getting burned when hiring overseas

Sparked International! Sparked CEO Ben Rigby is in London this week with current and potential new clients, while Sparked Managing Director Joseph Pigato discusses how to build teams overseas. From assembling a battle-tested hiring team to mining your networks and ultimately making a rock-solid hire, this article on TheNextWeb should be your first stop if you’re looking to expand your company’s presence across the globe.

Worst Retention Call Ever

Warning, this retention call is painful. It’s so bad that it seems like it’s got to be a joke. If Comcast had a bit more insight into reasons for churn, they wouldn’t have had to comp their rep on getting through these questions… which has resulted in a good deal of reputation damage (already ~800k listens).

6 Teamwork Tips To Help Implement Predictive Analytics

Sparked MD Joseph Pigato recently wrote an article for on the 6 teamwork tips that companies can use to prepare for the coming transformation, where data teams and business managers work closely together.

Sparked’s Predictive Analytics and Machine-Learning powered product, Customer Radar, goes a long way towards easing the process of getting business managers to work with data teams, by providing an easy-to-master dashboard, rich with information that can be both easily understood and quickly acted upon.

Click here to read all six tips.

[Whitepaper] Customer Retention Best Practices

The Sparked Team has always had an eye out for compelling stories and case studies, which can help subscription companies better their customer retention rates. Although there are multiple approaches and a vast combination of factors to juggle, some companies manage to stand out in their execution of customer retention programs.

Whether it’s by using a tried-and-tested communication method in a new way, or coming up with innovative solutions to customer problems, the 10 companies in our whitepaper, Customer Retention Best Practices put their customers first and that’s ultimately what led to the successes we describe in their case studies.

Download: Customer Retention Best Practices

Deception of NPS

The Net promoter Score system, while useful in a few narrow applications, is not the general purpose tool that some companies claim it to be. Here are a few of the more obvious deceptions that an NPS score might be hiding…

Deception of NPS Sources:

Sparked Partners with IBM to bring Predictive Analytics to IBM Cloud Marketplace

Sparked today announced a partnership with IBM that brings the power of predictive analytics-powered customer retention to the IBM Cloud marketplace. IBM clients can now use the IBM Marketplace to access the full power of Sparked’s Customer Radar software to reduce customer churn.

As part of IBM’s best in class ecosystem, Sparked is among a handful of distinguished cloud service providers in the analytics category. The IBM Cloud marketplace enables IBM’s enterprise clients, as well as business, development and IT professionals, easy access to Sparked’s customer retention solution.

Sparked’s machine-learning powered analytics engine pinpoints why a company’s customers stay or leave, who’s likely to leave next, and how to keep them – showing the specific factors, behaviors and patterns that drive churn and retention. On the basis of this analysis, Sparked helps companies run interventions early in the customer lifecycle to prevent attrition and enhance customer success.

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Customer Satisfaction and Achievement of Service Goals

Since we launched Retention Radar, a lot of people at SaaS companies have asked us what type of data they should put into a machine learning model in order to analyze their subscriber churn. The answer is very simple in theory, but there are a lot of challenges in practice. Let’s start with a simple reality check, without any statistics and data science: At the end of the day, subscribers to a service who think they are getting what they pay for are going to keep on paying (okay – only as long as they can – but voluntary churn is most churn in a typical SaaS company.)

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The Top 5 SAAS Metrics To Track

Tracking metrics when you’re running a SAAS business is mandatory – it’s the only way you can hope to gain any intelligence about how to chart a course for the future. Should you be spending to acquire more customers? Fixing problems that currently exist? If you’re not constantly tracking and measuring, you don’t know whether your business is coasting along comfortably or perched on the edge of disaster.

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